Management Accounts

Management Accounts

Management accounts are there to do exactly what they say, to provide accounting information to management.

Whilst that sounds straightforward enough, without accurate, reliable and insightful information, to help management make the right business decisions, they are not worth the paper (or spreadsheet) they are written on – that’s where PK Bookkeeping can help.

You will have a dedicated, qualified management accountant, working with you who will listen carefully to understand exactly what information you need, and how you want it presented.

As well as the standard Income and Expenditure, and Balance Sheet reports, we can provide cashflows, aged creditor/debtor reports and others. Our reporting templates can be tailored to your specifications and prepared as regularly as you need them, to make sure you can keep your finger firmly on your business’s pulse.

Our tailored approach means that we can adapt to your needs and if, for example, you want to look after the sales ledger information yourself, but for us to look after purchase invoices, we are happy to do so. Whatever is required to help make order out of chaos, we’re there to help.

No matter how big, or small, your management accounting needs, we can tailor a package and a suite of reports to suit your business. For example, you might want to see:

– Comparison of actual spend versus budget or prior year
– Reporting based on different business areas or geographic location
– Trend analysis
– Data in graphs or charts

Whatever you will find useful to help manage your business, we will work our magic to present it in a way, which is meaningful to you. And regardless of what the data tells you, we are always on hand to help interpret and explain anything that you are unsure of.

We also realise that capturing the data required to prepare management accounts can be cumbersome and time consuming, that is why our range of online solutions, including apps, which allow you to take photos of expense receipts, are a fantastic help to you and allow us to have quick and easy access to the data we need.

The one thing we haven’t mentioned is time, and it’s possibly one of the most crucial elements. You need to be able to make fast decisions about your business, to be able to react to changes in the market as soon as they happen. We promise that we will have your management accounts to you within two weeks of the end of the period you are reviewing.

In summary, PK Bookkeeping will help you quickly understand what the accounts are telling you, which will in turn enable you to make fully informed decisions, helping you to enhance and grow your business.

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